8 Hollywood Stars Sporting Indian Sarees!!

Saree is a unique fabric that is loved all over the world, and in Hollywood too. Saree is quite famous in Bollywood movies but even in Hollywood, many famous actresses wore saree with grace. Saree is a versatile clothing piece that can add an element of professionalism and grace at the same time.

A saree is one of the most popular and beautiful garments that a woman can wear. This Indian outfit comes in many materials and styles with both conventional and modern tinges to it. You can pick one based on your demand and option. Draping a saree can totally level up your fashion statement. 

Sarees generally originated from Sarees come in different blends of colours and are known to add immense beauty standards for the wearer.

Sarees with a unique colour combination are quite famous. Some stars in Hollywood wore them to red carpet fiction, fashion shows, press meetings and very significant events, carrying the humble saree to the vanguard of world style. It is quite a famous piece of apparel currently. 

At almost 6,000 years of existence, the saree is considered to be among the oldest form of garment in the world still in existence. The Vedas – among the oldest written works composed by mankind – mentions it, and records from the Indus Valley Civilization.

Hollywood stars sporting Indian sarees are seen in many award functions. Many fabrics such as Paithani silk saree, Tussar silk sarees, Chikankari sarees, Pure Banarasi saree, and handloom linen sarees are quite famous in the west. Listed below are some Hollywood actresses who have worn saree. 

Pamela Anderson 

The former Baywatch, Pamela Anderson was seen wearing a  beautiful pristine white saree, when she made an appearance in the Indian rendition of Big Brother- Big Boss. She fetched the TRPs up, not just with her existence but also with the way she held herself in the eye-catching white saree. It is not necessarily how you look in a saree until you are confident. 

Nicole Scherzinger 

The famous singer, Nicole Scherzinger looked amazing in a saree. Inspired by this, she did the same with her crew of girls in all-black sarees having gold-lined helms and borders. These girls slayed the look in a saree, keeping the real essence of it alive. Wearing a saree helps Hollywood performers gain a great number of Indian audience base. 

Naomi Campbell 

The actress Naomi Campbell totally slayed the black saree look. The saree was designed by Sabyasachi, the king of the fashion world. It had a sheer black finish with minute detailing. Even the people from the west industry of entertainment have learned how to style saree in different unique ways. Many people also love the draping of saree with different folds and silhouettes. 

Paris Hilton 

Baroness and multimillionaire, Paris Hilton, she’s comprehended for her understanding of style, her sociable life and her devotion to singing. When she did reach India to facilitate her brand of indulgence items, Paris was dressed up in various shades of grey by distinguished designer Tarun Tahiliani in a beautiful net saree embossed with pearls.


The great actress who is good at heart and has a wonderful nature loved to dress up in a saree. Madonna promoted Indian art and civilization, convention and values across the globe, donning a blue saree with chunky rusty bangles and a declaration neckpiece, draped over casual shoulders.


A saree isn’t just a costume. The earth’s oldest apparel exemplifies a woman’s confidence and beauty. Her impulses and fondness, fictions, quirks, her vision and emotion- all draped, twirled, twisted, veered around and lost in the magnificence of six yards-only to evolving one. Saree has been around for 6,000 years and has been the time of artistic incursion and colonisation.  

Although the creases might be a bother for the ladies, however, this classy garment has gained great preference across the nation as well as beyond. From Jessica Alba to Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and Julia Roberts have worn the apparel with promising results. These Hollywood actors have also been seen wearing saree in meetings and conferences. Also, various concepts of draping a saree in distinct styles, and wearing the kind of accessories that up the fashion have come into the picture today. 

For instance, wearing plazos underneath a Saree. These styles and patterns have entered the Hollywood industry and are undergoing constant reformations currently. Looking at the trends, the demand for sarees is yet to see a peak, with several customizations already in progress. In fact, as per research, there are about 100 ways to drape a saree. 

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