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Organza Sarees

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173 products

The History of Organza Sarees

Organza sarees are derived from the name of the unique fabric called organza. It is basically a light weight, plain weave that is purely made from silk. The organza saree holds its own uniqueness due to its classy and elegant look. The organza saree has had such a great impact on the hearts of women that they prefer to wear these sarees at weddings, functions, festivals, parties etc. The presence of different beautiful colors and light-weight fabrics is what makes  Organza sarees fit for every occasion. Sarees in organza are a perfect choice for every occasion.

Types of Organza Sarees

Organza sarees have various patterns and designs. The woman who is in search of a heavy zari pallu and border will definitely love the collection of organza sarees.

Organza silk is a type of organza saree which is made up of a fusion of traditional and contemporary Indian styles. Organza silk sarees hold heavy zari pallu with a beautiful border which attracts the eye of an individual.

Printed organza is a type of organza saree which is widely accepted by women to slay the look at parties and festivals. The Printed Organza saree has delicate floral prints along with geometric designs and the presence of motifs.

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Pricing for Organza Silk Sarees

The fabric of organza sarees is thin and light. Every lady’s attention will be drawn to a translucent saree-like organza. A classic, Organza silk saree holds the beauty to turn a boring function into a memorable one. One Organza Silk Saree is enough to grab all the attention. The  Silk Organza Saree costs between 2000 and 20000. We at Mon Amaar offer our customers Organza Silk Sarees at affordable prices.

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