Choosing The Perfect Saree For Your Body Type

It is correctly stated that saree reflects the Indian culture and tradition. Women in India love to wear saree as a nation pride. A saree is a kind of garment which is loved to wear by girls. Saree is not just the six yards of clothes which is draped over the body but it gives a women a gorgeous and authentic look. No costume can ever compete with the aura of saree.

In a country like India, where there is a existence of diversity in language, religion, culture, every class has a different way of wearing saree. Saree has evolved as a fashion statement worldwide. It is to be noted that not all sarees suits on each body type and shape. This article provides a general overview of how to choose the perfect saree for your body type.

Tips on how to choose the saree for body type

There are certain things which an individual should keep in mind before choosing the saree. It is advisable to choose the saree according to the body type to slay the look. Choosing the right saree by keeping in mind the body type can take the fashion game a long way.

The body shape are broadly classified in pear body type, apple shaped body, rectangular shaped body, hour glass shaped body, inverted triangle shaped body. There are certain sarees which will gives an enhanced look on these bodies but does not give grace on all the types of body.

Here, are the tips on choosing the saree according to the body type:

1. Pear body type: This type of body shape has a slimmer upper part and a well defined waistline followed with wider bottom. So, a women with this body type should avoid any stuff fabric like organza silk or tissue and should prefer to wear thinner fabrics like georgette and chiffon sarees.

Thinner material saree will give pear shaped body a modern and gorgeous look. Broad pallu drape will strikes a balance between the upper body and lower body and gives a charming look.

2. Rectangular shaped body: This type of body shape has a equal upper and lower body with a well defined waist. Sarees of cotton, net, organza will give a flattering look by enhancing the curves of the body.

Women with rectangular body shaped avoid the fabrics which will highlight their smaller midriff.

3. Apple shaped body: Apple shaped body have a wide torso and their upper body is comparatively wider then lower body. They have wider mid section so it is important to choose the saree according to the middle section of the body.

Silk sarees is the great choice for the women with apple shaped body as they balance the upper body with the bottom portion.

4. Hour glass shaped body: Women with hour glass shaped body has a proportionate upper and lower body and a flexible waist body. They can enhance the curves by opting a saree of net, chiffon, georgette.

Drape the saree in mermaid and flaunt the curves. It is defined as the best body type and there is nothing to avoid any kind of saree.

5. Inverted triangle body: This type of body shape is considered as the model type body. They have wider upper body a well defined waist and slight thinner lower section of the body. Organza silk is the best saree which suits in this body type and can flaunt their waist.

Types of sarees

There are different types of sarees which is available in the market with different colours, patterns, etc. It is rightly said that to have a flattering and modern look, women should choose the saree according to its body type. Here are the some options of the sarees:

1. Organza sarees: Organza sarees consists of different patterns, shades and designs. Every women’s attention will be catched to a translucent saree-like organza because of its thinner fabrics. The presence of different beautiful colours and light-weight fabrics makes it a fit choice for pear shaped and hour glass shaped body.

2. Chiffon sarees: Chiffon sarees is the loved choice for the women in summer. It is made up of a thin and light fabric and will sit best on the slim women.

3. Georgette sarees: Georgette sarees is the preferred choice for the women who is looking to slay in functions and user mostly for designing the blouses. Georgette sarees is made up by twisted yarns.


Saree is one of the most loved choice for a female to be a showstopper and show stealer in functions and marriages. Sarees will give an authentic look to the women thereby making her confident and storing.

It is advisable to choose the perfect saree according to the body type as it will take the fashion game at next level. There are different types of sarees made with different kinds of materials, colours, prints available in the market and it is recommended to choose the saree according to the body type. To find your favourite saree, visit our website right away!