How To Give A Modern Touch To Your Ethnic Outfit?

At present, the Fashion industry has evolved significantly and the need for a contemporary element without losing its true essence is the trend. As time passes, the needs will keep evolving however the base frame of modern ethnic taste is there to stay. To give this modern touch to your ethnic outfit, there are a few ideas that can be used

Styling a basic kurta set with statement-making earrings can really make you stand out in the crowd. Even wearing a modern outfit with a set of Indian jewellery can make a lot of difference. There are many ways in which you can style your Indian outfits and rework them to create a modern outfit equivalent to jeans and crop tops by managing a few elements.  

There are many elements in the clothing pieces that you can style into modern pieces giving you the perfect ethnic modern look you’re looking for. For instance, some of the latest wedding sarees collections and designer lehenga can be worn as chaniya cholis during Navratri. A Kurti set can further be paired with jeans giving it a modern and ethnic look at the same time. Tussar silk sarees and Party wear saree can also be worn as koti draping on jeans. 

There are numerous ways in which you can make your simple kurta set look modern. Adding advocate jewellery pieces to your kurta set can make you look a little bit more modern and put together. However, there are certain clothing pieces that need not be too fancy styled as they are evergreen pieces and usually go straight to your favourite go-to outfits such as a saree. Listed below are some ways in which you can give a modern touch to your ethnic outfits.

Take inspiration 

In recent times you can even look for fabrics online that can be styled to add a modern element to them. We can also provide you with an idea of how you can style it with other existing clothing pieces. When you try out garments designed by new-age makers who are here to reform the fashion industry, you are one of the foremost ones to start that style. Look for people with great fashion sense to get motivation and level up your fashion game. Keep yourself passionate to find something unique that is different that the last design, pattern or type. 

Wear balanced jewellery

Any simple outfit can look modern when you add the right kind of jewellery to your outfit. There are many different kurtas, lehengas, and gown suits that can be worn with unique accessories during festivals such as Navratri to present an appealing sight to behold for the onlookers. However, it is important to remember that you should not overdo this. Never wear too heavy or bright-looking jewellery as they may spoil your fashion game. Choose jewellery with intricate designs and patterns that would match the vibe without making it too obvious or intimidating. 

Add accessories 

It is important to select the right kind of accessories that would match your costume and the festive or occasion vibe. The kind of clothes you wear needs to be considered to select the kind of elements needed.  It helps you get an amazing look as the onlookers behold the adorable sight. 

Some oxidised jewellery, a nice pair of boots or heels that match your Indian ethnic wear, a pair of matching earrings, and other extra accompaniments should be enough to give you the perfect look. Try to unravel add-ons that completely change your technique. Add-ons like a tote bag, strap on your waist, boots, and hanging chain can amp up your fashion game with a statement-making look that you deserve. 


The Fashion industry is a continuously evolving phenomenon Various distinct trends and new styles come out every second hour. In such an era, knowing how to and when to give yourself that new look gives you the confidence to evolve together. 

Choosing a modern outfit and adding a modern technique element to it makes it quite attractive. For corporate office goers, the mix n match style can make a great fashion statement giving a modern touch. Mix and match different colours and add some elements from your wardrobes such as sling bags, footwear, jewellery, and sunglasses to make it look a little bit more presentable. 

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