How To Take Care Of Your Silk Sarees

Our love for silk sarees goes beyond its opulence and elegance, though; each one holds a unique and precious memory for every one of us. This is why it is saddening to see beautiful silk sarees damaged beyond repair due to neglect. Though we may not all regularly don our raw silk sarees, we must admit that we adore them. The fact that they're perennially useful and the fact that we spent so much time acquiring them could both be the contributing factors. 

There are a lot of good times associated with these sarees. When we wear them, we feel attractive and confident no matter the occasion, be it our wedding or some other milestone event. Silk sarees are an essential part of every fashion-forward woman's wardrobe, but they are also incredibly fragile. They require maintenance to prevent deterioration and fading.

This silk saree care guide will cover basic techniques for extending the life of your most treasured Kanjivaram silk saree, Tussar silk sarees and many more. We will also discuss methods for cleaning a silk saree. So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Care Instructions for a Silk Sari

One of the most fragile textiles, silk, requires careful handling during the laundering process. Always use cold water and dilute your detergent if washing with bleach or other harsh chemicals. If you wriggle or twist them while drying, the wrinkles may not go away. Silk garments need to be hung in a cool, dark environment to preserve their lustre. Never tightly fold them after washing, and always put them on a different shelf in your closet. As a matter of fact, silk sarees like banarasi silk saree should be dry cleaned.

Taking Care of Your Silk Saris

The key to maintaining the ‘like-new’ condition of your silk is careful storage. It's recommended that you store your silk sarees in a cotton bag to keep them in pristine condition for as long as possible. You should also store them in a dark place to prevent the loss of shine and colour from exposure to sunshine. Silk sarees can be stored by hanging them in a closet; however, brushing them can damage the zari embroidery. Keep naphthalene balls in the creases of your sarees to keep the pests out, and switch up how you fold them frequently to keep them from creasing.

Silk sarees should be stored separately from other sarees and not bundled with them. There is a risk of harm from the sarees rubbing against one another. Put each silk saree in a muslin bag or a premade saree bag before putting it away. If you keep your silk sarees tucked away in a closet for too long, the fabric may tear. If you want your silk sarees to last longer, you should hang them up to dry once every two or three months. Then, simply refold them and put them away as usual.

However, it is recommended that you not use metal hangers with silk sarees, since the metal could potentially react with the fabric and cause harm. As a final precaution, avoid storing your patola silk sarees in humid cabinets, as this might encourage the growth of mould or the invasion of silverfish.

Advice on Pressing Silk Sarees

Sheen can be lost if silk sarees are ironed incorrectly, so great care must be used when ironing them. To avoid damaging the fabric while ironing out wrinkles and creases, it is best to do so at a low temperature or using a steam iron.

Cleaning Unwanted Spots from Silk Dresses 

Spots and blots on silk are a nuisance, but there are methods for removing them that are kind to the fabric. The dry cleaners' secret weapon for removing stains from silk is petrol. If you rub the stain with petrol for a couple minutes and then rinse it off, the stain should come right off. Liquid soap is useful for removing perspiration and grease marks. You can use talcum powder to remove oil stains before washing the stained item in a mild detergent.

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When we think about silk sarees, we picture something big and delightfully shiny. However, with such a beautiful garment comes the duty of maintaining it properly. Silk sarees are exquisite to look at, but they require special care to maintain their lustre and elegance. Carefully handled, a silk saree can retain its lustre and beauty for decades; nevertheless, if not handled correctly, the saree can quickly lose its lustre and quality.