Indian Sarees As An Emerging Fashion Trend

Can you wrap up a piece of cloth and still appeal as one of the best fashionistas at the party? You might have gotten confused with this thought. But what if we tell you that this is possible with an Indian Saree? Indeed the Saree is a traditional outfit from ancient India that doesn’t include any stitches is a perfect blend of tradition, royalty, and elegance. As per the Sanskrit language, the word Saree originally means a strip of cloth. Indian women have been wearing sarees since the Indus Valley Civilization. Just imagine how old these Saree trends have been!

Even today you will find Indian women wearing sarees for different occasions. Sarees are the perfect match for wedding ceremonies or any festivals. Different types of Indian Sarees are crafted and designed with the cultural blend of 28 Indian states. You can go for the latest banarasi silk sarees, organza sarees, leheriya, net, embroidery, designer wear, pleated, or tissue sarees. Even western women have also started draping the Indian sarees due to the softness and comfort of the attire. Let us understand some of the popular saree trends in the market.

Popular Types of Indian Sarees

1. Kanjivaram saree

These are believed to be the most beautiful sarees in the world of ethnic attires. The word kanjivaram has originated from its former village called Kanchipuram. You can also call them the Southern Banarasi Silk Sarees. Kajivaram silk sarees are beautifully blended with colors and thick fabrics including golden work that makes them appealing for any festive occasion too. The pallu and borders are weaved in a separate way to make it exquisite.

2. Banarasi saree

Banarasi silk sarees are full of vibrant colors, pure silk, shining accents, and motifs that are beautifully rooted in the traditional culture. The Indian weavers have been using this talent for generations while constantly evolving it. It is truly rare in the weaving techniques which is why people have transformed it with brocade and other fabrics too.

3. Office wear sarees 

Today women are holding up to their office standards with stylish sarees. Due to their comfort and decorum, sarees are often chosen as the dress code. Women usually go for cotton, linen, georgette, and silk sarees because of the breathable fabric and availability of beautiful designs.

4. Bengal cotton sarees 

The Baluchari Sarees originated from Murshidabad are one of the most popular Bengali sarees. These are high-quality cotton tant sarees that are handcrafted in a great number of designs. These are loved by everyone due to their quality, comfort, and affordability.

5. Raw silk sarees 

Raw silk sarees have elegant, smooth, and highly luxurious fabrics known as silk. This is the favorite choice for most women due to its royal appearance and classy quality. This is the saree that complements every skin color and looks elegant on all women. The wedding season is off without any silk saree in your wardrobe. The best part is that silk sarees never get out of fashion so you can store them for the next generation too.

6. Linen sarees

The linen has a much lower thread count as the fiber is derived from the middle part of a flax plant hence it is much denser than the cotton fabric. The prettiest aspect about linen sarees is that they can be worn throughout the year. It is a wrap-based saree made up of khadi, cotton, or silk fabric. linen sarees is very comfortable during the summer season as it allows the air to flow easily and also reflects the heat in a better way. It is weaved secretly so that it doesn’t crumble easily.

7. Georgette Sarees 

These are the most popular sarees due to many reasons one we can say is Bollywood-inspired looks. The georgette sarees are sheer, light in weight, and silky finish in appearance. It is very versatile and easy to drape so that it fits comfortably to the wearer. In comparison to chiffon, this is a highly strong and durable fabric. You can easily flaunt your figure with a georgette saree, also there are so many lovely prints and designs available in these sarees.

Therefore these are some of the most popular sarees which are trending in modern fashion. However, there are even more like designer’s sarees, chiffon, velvet, and many more that look flawless on certain occasions if matched up with the right accessories and makeovers. The above list discusses the daily wear sarees which are comfortable and classy.


Sarees trend is not only in the Indian culture but you can find out sarees in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka too. Sarees are the most indispensable component of Indian Culture and Fashion. All the feminine Goddesses are also worshipped in Sarees. So this traditional outfit is loved by all and thus emerging as the top fashion trend within and outside the country.