10 Saree Draping Guide For Wedding Season

The beginning of the wedding season comes with joy, and the desire to get the best outfits for the occasion. As soon as the season starts, stores get flooded with ladies searching for lehengas, palazzos, and sarees to find the perfect outfit for their respective weddings to attend. For the wedding season, sarees are the most in-demand outfits today. 

Sarees are also among the most beautiful and stylish traditional outfits. These are considered the best options in ethnic wear. There are a variety of options for you to choose from such as banarasi saree, paithani silk saree, etc. There are numerous wedding saree collections available for the wedding function.

Also, a notable fact is that a single saree can be worn in over 10 different ways by using different saree draping styles. Using these different modern saree draping styles you can get a unique and stunning outfit. 

Some saree draping styles for weddings are mentioned below.

Belt Style

It is considered to be the most basic draping style of all. To wear your saree in this style, firstly you have to drape your saree as you normally wear it on a routine basis. Now add a waist belt to cinch your pallu at your waist and get a modernized look. In earlier times people used a Kamar bandh instead of the waist belt, which will give you a more traditional look.  Along with it choosing a statement blouse such as an off-shoulder will put your whole outfit together giving you a glam look.

Neck Drape Style

The neck drape style also falls under one of the basic draping styles. This style will give you a scarf look around the neck. In the neck drape style, you need to drape your saree normally and leave a longer pallu. Now take the long pallu around your neck and wrap it like a scarf. There is always space for experimenting and creating something new from your ideas and creativity.

Mumtaz Style 

The Mumtaz style is the most popular and is a trendsetter saree draping style. It is named after Mumtaz, the Bollywood actress from the Ram and Shyam movie. This retro saree draping style will fascinate the on-lookers with its creativity. In this style, your saree is draped by twisting your saree. Adding jewelry and accessories will make your look more adorable and perfect for the wedding season.

Dhoti Style

It is an unusual pant style for draping your saree for any wedding function. Unlike another saree draping, you can carry this style over leggings or tight-fit jeans. Dhoti style gives a unique and conventional touch to your whole outfit. It is a popular choice for women as it makes your outfit more attractive for any wedding function.

Front Pallu Style

It is considered to be the easiest saree draping style. In this, you have to wear your saree normally and instead of taking your pallu around your left shoulder, you have to bring the pallu on your right shoulder from the backside. It is more popular in Gujarat. In Gujarati style, the pleats are spread, but it is completely your choice to spread them or not.

Gown Style

With time, saree draping styles have updated with many modern changes. It includes an alluring style that shifts you from traditional saree draping to a modern gown style saree draping. It is available in pre-stitched gown style in various colours, designs etc. To make it more stunning you can pair it with a killer blouse. Gown-style saree is in trend currently as it is very comfortable to wear to any wedding function. Level up your look with the gown draping saree style and enjoy the pleasure of attention diverted towards the gorgeous you.

Lehenga Style

Lehenga saree style draping is on top of all saree draping styles. It is becoming the most chosen style among women as it is the perfect style to satisfy your saree desire with the flexibility of a lehenga. It is the perfect option to give you a lehenga-saree look

To get this look you need to pleat your 6-9 yard saree around your waist and the pallu will come in front like a straight pallu in Gujarati style. 

Butterfly Style

It is a modern type of saree draping style, simple and gives you a slimmer profile due to its draping style. In this style, you have to make extra thin pleats of your pallu and secure it with a pin on your shoulders.

Mermaid Style

Mermaid-style saree draping gives you a look like a mermaid tail around your lower part. In this style, you have to spread out the lower part of your pleats while draping. It might look difficult in terms of pleating but with extra tucks and pleats, you will get a perfect mermaid tail look.

Pant Style 

This is a fashionable and super chic outfit style. It is somewhat similar to dhoti style draping but with a more modern touch. You can wear this look at a wedding function and shine out in your friend’s wedding season.


A saree is the best-chosen attire for women to carry around at any wedding function. Knowing all about what you should wear, and how to wear is important. A single saree can give you a whole new vibe with just a simple change of draping steps. These little changes will help you find your perfect outfits for the wedding season allowing you to flaunt the attire with ease and comfort. 

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