Bengal Handloom Jamdani Saree
Bengal Handloom Jamdani Saree
Bengal Handloom Jamdani Saree

Bengal Handloom Jamdani Saree

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Bengal Handloom Jamdani Saree

Introduction- Handloom sarees are  traditional textile art from Bengal. This saree is often woven on a shuttle-pit loom made from ropes, wooden beams and poles. The shuttle is thrown by the weaver. Other weavers use a fly-shuttle loom which can produce different types of patterns. The saree can vary in size and quality. The handloom weaving process requires several stages in order to produce the final product. Traditionally the processes of dyeing, warping, sizing, attaching the warp, weft winding and weaving were done by weavers and local specialists around weaving villages.

Fabric- Marcerised Cotton 

                                              Mercerisation is a textile finishing treatment for cellulose fabric and yarn, mainly cotton and flax, which improves dye uptake and tear strength, reduces fabric shrinkage, and imparts a silk-like luster.

 Special FeaturesSoft Marcerised Cotton with Copper Zari Work

This saree comes with a Blouse Piece.

The length of the saree is 6.3mtr. with 0.8mtr. of Blouse Piece.


Country of Origin: India

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