Golap Bahar Gold Plated Bangles
Golap Bahar Gold Plated Bangles
Golap Bahar Gold Plated Bangles

Golap Bahar Gold Plated Bangles

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GolapBahar Gold Plated Bangles

Take your fashion statement to the next level with Our Choice- Gold Plated Set! GolapBahar Gold Plated Bangles .This set features rose [ golap] style design all over with solid base . Stand out from the crowd with the added benefits of gold plating. Dare to be bold and add this set to your collection now!

Why we ?..........................................

Nowadays, wearing jewelry has become a way to express oneself. Women express their uniqueness, values, and feelings through jewelry. For today's ladies, jewellery is extremely important because it can do everything from glam up casual ensembles to exhibiting inventiveness and boosting confidence. 

'''''''''''''''Mon Amaar is aware of this demand and provides a large selection of bespoke jewellery items that may be tailored to each woman's unique style.''''''''''''


  • Demanding Gold plated bangles[ 2p sets] - Truly reflects who you are!   
  • Rose style design with base - Draws attention and enhance your beauty.
  • Micro touch of design -   Way to showcase your unique style
  • Miniature style design - Showcase your creativity. 
  • Copper base with gold plated 
  • Rich and Elegant look 
  • This collection of jewelry is for all ladies and women who can wear it, feel it, glow it, and express themselves. Jewelry is a fashion fiesta that symbolizes women's strength and power.
  • Perfect for any Occasion/Gifting 
  • Complete every look 
  • Comes as a Set

Precaution-  Always keep in mind that the chemicals in everyday household items like perfumes, hairsprays, and lotions can cause damage to your gold plated jewelry. Hence, it's advisable to apply these products before wearing the jewelry. In addition, prolonged exposure to water (including sweat) should always be avoided.

Warranty-  Our color warranty is valid for 6 months. However, proper usage can maintain the color for an extended period of time. In the rare event that the color fades within the warranty period, we will provide free recoloring.

Country of Origin: India

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