Sundari- Pretty Lady( Bengal Hand Print Artistic Saree)
Sundari- Pretty Lady( Bengal Hand Print Artistic Saree)

Sundari- Pretty Lady( Bengal Hand Print Artistic Saree)

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Geometric shapes come together to create a fusion masterpiece with the Sundari- Pretty Lady -Bengal hand print Artistic Saree). Featuring mix-and-match styles, hand-printed artistic details, and trendy weaving techniques, this Bengal fusion saree is a fashion fiesta. Stand out with this beautiful and unique saree.

Sundari- Pretty Lady ( Bengal Hand print Artistic Saree)

This Exquisite Sundari- Pretty Lady - ( Bengal hand print  Artistic Saree) a stunning piece of art that beautifully captures the essence of traditional handcraft and modern fashion. Crafted with love and precision, this saree celebrates the rich heritage of hand printing techniques and reflects the vibrant spirit of India. The elaborate handprints, crafted by expert artists, lend a sense of authenticity and individuality to every saree.

'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Special Thanks To Our Bengal Artists ( hand print Styler)


Jamdani ( Jal weaving styles) with Reshom Kota along with exquisite hand print 

Special Features

  • This saree is fusion of Bengal jamdani ( Jal weaving styles) with Reshom Kota
  • Rich heritage of hand printing techniques are present
  • It is known as Half half saree ( where 2 styles are marched each other)
  • Some areas are followed with Jal weaving jamdani styles others have hand print with reshom kota.
  • Very unique styles  with Dual color 
  • Multicolor thread weaving 
  • Mostly hand print is based on nature design or Bengal culture ( specifically Village)
  • Purely Bengal weave with heavy design
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • light and extremely comfortable 
  • This saree has no blouse piece
  • Length: approx. 5.5 mtr.

 Wash: Dry wash recommended

 Note: The color of the images may differ somewhat from those taken during the day. Handloom sarees are woven by hand, they may have a few extra or missing threads. These do not qualify as flaws because they are natural processes.

Country of Origin: India

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